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with the investigation. >>reporter: this group is waiting for the collapse of the u.s. government. the members are serious. even taken symbolic blood oath. up next. how they live outside the law as they make plans to take over the country. >> also the president sensitive side. what drove mr. obama to tears in the just released video. >> then later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". spent nearly 40 years behind bars for double murder he insist he did not commit. today he was set free. amazing story of a decades long fight for justice. >> hang over star bradley cooper wearing the mantle of cooper wearing the mantle of sexiest man alive. on >> stay with us. 7 news at 1 >> stay with us. 7 news at 1 11:00 will b >> pay area residents say they are no longer part of this country and they have taken a blood oath joined a group that has formed its own government with own law and leaders. >> people with similar belief been linked to variety of crime including killing police officers. only the abc 7 news team was able to get that one of the meetings. >> dan is here with a look at
. republicans who still control the u.s. house of representatives have started to dig in. >> raising tax rates will slow down our ability to crow 80 the jobs everybody wants. >> reporter: what are the consequences if law i can makers cannot make a deal. >> the fiscal clip is very bad if it happens. it means we could have a huge recession next year. >> reporter: if scheduled budget cuts are imposed an estimated 400 government jobs could be slashed and about 400,000 jobs tied to nondefense spending would be eliminated. when it comes to taxes, all tax rates are schedule to rise. >> at one p so int sure we had higher taxes. but we are talking about transitioning from low taxes to high taxes. the immediate affect is everyone has less income and they spend less. there is a hit in 2013. >> reporter: governor jerry brown said they could learn from california voters. proposition 30 passed hiking sales taxes and raising taxes on people making $250,000 or more. >> our credibility as a governing -- as a nation that can govern itself is on the chopping block. and yes cuts going forward of certain commitmen
seats tonight in the u.s. senate where democrats remain in control. they have 52 seats. republicans have 44. >> three senate races are undecided tonight, a total of 10gop seats were at stake. >> and the house is staying in republican hands with 231 republicans and 184 democrats. 20 seats are still a toss up as we speak, but democrats needed to i can p up 25 seats to gain control of the house. >> we want to take you back to the presidential race. of course barack obama say vorring -- savoring another victory. >> mark matthews is live with the obama campaign in chicago tonight. mark? >> the president is still on the stage. i don't know if you can see there he is just walking off now. he has been on the stage for a good while, about 30 minutes as he spoke to the crowd here. let me take you back and show you the reaction from this audience when the final tally came in that put him over the top. >> the crowd in this hall just erupted. there are an estimated 10,000 people, maybe 18,000. i'm telling you, it sounded like an army in here. when he went over the top, this place went crazy. the join
in walnut creek, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you. >>> the u.s. house and senate intelligence committees will meet to figure out how to move forward in the cia seek scandal. sex scandal. they want to know why they were not informed what was going on earlier and if there was a breech in anyway connected to it. david petraeus resigned friday. he admitted an affair with paula broadwell. this is the first video of broadwell since the scandal broke. she is back this washington at her brother's home. broadwell was investigated for threatening a friend of petraeus, jill kelley. they uncovered a -- they discovered a relationship between her and another top military leader, general john alan. they found 20,000 to 30,000 e-mails. some were flirtatious. alan will stay in command of u.s. forces in afghanistan. though a promotion to the leader of nato forces is on hold for the time being. much more on the petraeus sex scandal coming up on "nightline" right after this newscast at 11:35. >>> well, it should be a decent-sized catch as crab season officially gets under way tomorrow. but prepare to pay a
all of them to commit violent jihad on u.s. soil. 34-year-old natural citizen from afghanistan is accused of recruiting 3 younger men living in los angeles, san bernardino and riverside counties down south. fbi files indicate the 4 were planning to unite at al qaeda training camp with the intent of returning to the u.s. to commit terrorist acts. >> san jose police are appealing for help to get a wanted killer off the street. 20,000 dollar reward now offered for the capture of second man who took part in a string of weekend crimes. police have already arrested this man jonathan will banks who committed the crimes with this man. the 2 are caused of killing 22-year-old the man during attempted carjacking at 7-11. victims friends are asking the suspect to turn himself in. >> justice should be done and i hope the guy gets caught and serves life in prison. because that's not the way people should leave this earth. >>reporter: 2 gunmen also accused of robbing 4 businesses and wound ago police officer during a shoot out. that officer suffered just minor injuries. >> artist arrest
with the same fiber found in many popular supplements sold here in the u.s, decks train. japan has a taste for unique soda. past flavor include yogurt strawberry and milk and cucumber. >>> 7 michael is telling us that savvy shop remembers finding treasures in the last place you might think to look. it's the top trending video on 7 san francisco goodwill stores collect a lot of clothing. some of it high end fashion too. it gets sold on the goodwill web site but some get sent to special goodwill store. cashmere try the store on i have beening street. boutique in san anselmo called george and willow. >> target ago specific customer. 18 to 34-year-old woman who is mr. interested in the fashion look as opposed to the brand. >> we have a list of all goodwill specialty stores in the bay area on our web site. click on the 7 on your side tab the on the left. might be able to find yourself very nice and help people. >> absolutely. feeling like fvl it's cool enough throughout to pull the cashmere out. >> wool blanket. spencer has the forecast. >> cooling down for sure. overnight
right san francisco is the testing ground for a new same day delivery service from the u.s. postal service called metro post. post office is working out agreements with 10 national retail chains within the city. the service begins december 12 and if things go well program expands to other big city next year. >> today was a beautiful day. beautiful thanksgiving. >> unusually warm. check in now with experience. >> we are not complaining. >> not at all. >> here's a lack at live doppler 7 hd. we have a cloud free sky just weighs did for most of the day today. very mild thanksgiving day with temperatures in the upper 60's around most of the bay i can't remember. right now cooling down a bit but still very pleasant conditions. getting cooler up in the northern part of the viewing area down to 42 at fairfield. 43 santa rosa and napa 47. we expect some locations to see low dropping to the 30's but we have some low 50's around much of the remainder of the bay area. still pleasantly cool to mild in some spots. forecast feature. cold conditions in some of the north bay valley over na
display. this is the only u.s. stop for the wonderland that features face painters, jugulars, fire dancers and fire eaters. love the fire eaters. >>> still to come, chaos across the country as millions turned out to get in on the black friday deals. we'll show you some of the biggest spots. >> and how you can shop and help out your community this weekend. >> and along with on-line shopping comes another problem, package theft. what you need to know to make sure your on-line purchases arrive at their destination. >> coming up next on "nightline" as millions take to the stores this black friday, we have an inside look at the new blockbuster individual yoy game that is looking to -- video game that is looking to out gun the competition. and we ta >>> we continue to follow the breaking news out of pinole. this is a live picture as crews frantically try to dig out a man who has been stuck in a drainage pipe. he has been stuck since 8:00 tonight. officials tell abc news that he was sleeping in the pipe and got wedged inside somehow. they continue to dig around the pipe which is 14 inches wide. t
. tomorrow the u.s. golf association and the royal and ancient golf club may change what you use on the greens. they may be banned from the pga tour. three of the five have used the belly putters including bradley and els and simpson. the rule is whether they can be anchored or attached on the body and tiger wants them to go away. >> i don't know if there is any statistical data on it, but i'm sure there is somewhere about whether or not the putter helps on a certain range of putts. having it on a fixed point is something not in the traditions of the game. >> we mentioned yesterday that san jose state was ranked in the bcs for the first time in school history at number 25. now more good news co captain and the offensive captain is a finalist for the trophy. it is given to the most outstanding player. 50 were nominated and we are down to the final three. the award will be handed out saturday in arkansas. check out this piston. throwing the basketball against the window and bounces off for a perfect angle and takes it home. are you kidding me? you have to call your bank shots. how
dropped on hiroshima, but a year later the u.s. dropped the project. >> can you imagine that? >>> we are getting ready forayeders day -- for raiders day on december 6th. it will kick off with a -- with the abc news at 4:00. we will broadcast the game against the den -- the denver broncos. e-mail your fan photos to you report at fun stuff. >> and larry beil and mike shumann will have a special show leading up to that. >> you can't get better pictures. jim harbaugh is playing with fire. his rookie was named the starter . alex smith took the team to the title game. the bar is set. we have reaction on this decision next in sports. >>> okay, if i am alex smith, i am not a happy camper. i am a team player, but how did i lose my job after taking the 49ers to the nfc title game last year? and now i am a back up to a rookie quarterback with two wins to his credit? jim harbaugh named kaepernick as the starter against the rams. he left the door open saying it was a week to week situation saying never assume anything. you take a chance with a young kaepernick going into the home stre
concern of a ground attack. >> he is there and the first u.s. leader ever to visit the southeast asian country with a history of authoritarian rule and ethnic violence. the president is meeting with the add vaw set and later will meet with the country's president and prime minister in a show for recent democratic reforms. an east bay community gathered to mourn the anniversary of a local marine's death. he was just 19 years old when he was killed in afghanistan. a memorial to joshua has been established in danville at the veterans building. community support has helped joshua's parents get through a very difficult year. >> the community have gone over and above with what i think is normal in supporting us, loving us and showing fundraisers and letting us now how they have honored our son's life. >> the death should remind everyone that we have military serving overseas and they deserve our support. >>> tonight three boaters are thankful for good samaritans who helped when their small fishing boat capsized in half moon bay. it happened in rough water a half mile offshore just before 9:0
slaughtered. >> the japanese are not allowed to sell the dolphins in the u.s. because the federal government has declared the drive hunt inhumane. they are finding new ways to bring attention to the cause. she streams them live on the internet at i will be posting links to the site and the japanese site where you can read their perspective. we are also posting ways you can take action if you would like to. >> a cope filled with blood is the image you can't shake. >> it has been exposed for years and still going on. >> dan, thank you. >>> a martinez man is suing that city, and police for excessive force for an incident caught on camera. he spoke exclusively to abc7 news about the case. a gas station surveillance camera shows officers confronting eric gilsoth. they wanted to talk about a domestic violence case. the video shows he complied with their demands and they tased him anyway. >> i didn't know what was happening. my body was immobilized and it was the most painful in my life. as i fell to the ground he continued to hold the taser to continue tasing me. >> martinez police c
with his by yoking graw fer. the unnamed u.s. officials say the relationship was discovered after the fbi saw e-mails that raised concerns. she is a graduate from the united states military academy at west point. she spent 15 years in the military. she describes petraeus as herman for. she is married with two children. petraeus met his wife at west point. she was also a four star general. her great, great grandfather fought in the civil war. she works in the administration helping return service members and fight off banks that prey on them while they are away. the family moved 24 times for petraeus' career and holly raising their two children. senator dianne feinstein said i wish president obama had not accepted this resignation, but i understand and respect the decision. here is new york congressman peter king. >> obviously this hurts general petraeus, but it hurts the country more. he is a man of extra ordinary talent and extraordinary dedication and extraordinarily hard working. >> it comes days before petraeus was set to testify about the attack in benghazi, i libya that killed ambas
before a house committee on friday about the u.s. consulate attack in libya despite being a subject himself. it was in question after he resigned over an affair with his by yoking graw fer, paula broadwell. he weighed in on the sex scandal saying he has no evidence at this point any classified information was disclosed. in his first news conference since re-election, the president praised petraeus. >> safer because of the work that dave petraeus has done. my main home -- hope is that this ends up being a single side note on what has otherwise been an extraordinary career. >> broadwell is being investigated for storing significant information at her home. she has had her security clearance suspended and she could face prosecution. >>> mitt romney is telling his top donors that president obama won re-election eight days ago in part because of, quote, gifts he gave to minorities and young voters. romney discusses the african-american community and the hispanic community saying the dream act amnesty program was a big gift. he also mentioned the president's health care overhaul. >> the p
200 each year from an estimated 1.8 million who traveled daily through u.s. airports. >> cologne was missing, things i purchased while in europe. >> the tsa wouldn't talk to us on camera, but a spokesperson told us by phone and e-mail that there is no proof that agents are clipping the lock. physical bag inspections do not require the tsa to cut or otherwise damage tsa-approved locks. as a last resort when the tsa locks are unable to be opened, the locks are cut. when went on to say for every tsa agent that touches a bag, another dozen airline employees also touch. it the airline trade group, airlines of america says its members have put cameras along the baggage path and routinely take measures to make sure baggage arrives on time and in the same condition as it was checked. they are pointing back to tsa. >> it would be good to get my money back and assurances about standing behind their job as tsa agents. >> now, here are a few tips to consider, never pack any valuables in your luggage. keep them on your body or in your carry on. travel with solid, but inexpensive luggage and t
1.8 million who traveled daily through u.s. airports. >> colon missing, things i purchased in europe. >> the tsa would not talk on camera, but a spokesperson told us by phone and e-mail there's no proof that its agents are clipping the locks. quote: physical baggage inspections to not require the tsa to damage tsa approved locks. as a last resort when tsa approved locks are unable to be opened, locks are cut. it went on to say for every tsa agent who touches a bag, another dozen airline employees touch it. this airline group says its members have put cameras along the track, and take measures to make sure baggage arrives on time and in the same way. >> it would be good to get my money back but more importantly i want some assurances and more proclaimation about standing behind their job as tsa agents. reporter: here's a few tips. consider when traveling. never pack in the valuable inside thunder luggage. keep them in your carry on. travel with solid but inexpensive luggage so not to be noticed by thieves, and if you run a problem, file a claim with the tsa. i have a link to a claim
. >> thank you, lilian. a u.s. airways jet landed at mineta international after it hit a bird. it happened seconds after the plane took off from phoenix. the bird was sucked into the jetliner's left engine. the captain shut off the engine and then made an emergency landing as a precaution. we are in for a big warm up. let's head to leigh glaser for a first check on weather and what is happening right now. >> live doppler 7hd looking at it right now you can see we are all clear. here is a look at current temperatures though. boy it was warm today. the temperatures are still mild at 64 in san francisco and oakland 61 redwood city, 63 san jose. clear skies, 64 san rafael and a little cooler in santa rosa right now. a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. election officials believe they will be able to get everyone to the polls even in the most storm-rave venged areas of new york and new jersey. sandy's path of destruction will force voters to cast ballots at different polling places on tuesday. most of new york's public schools will re-open tomorrow. students and
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17